Fasteners for metal
A study has made to show how some major cost reductions can be made by
utilising thread-forming fasteners for metal. The Taptite 2000 screw
generation guarantees efficiency benefits in metal fastening processes while
maintaining process reliability.

The Taptite 2000 generation of thread-forming fasteners for metal from
Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH & Co KG is making a fundamental contribution to
cost reductions in the metal fastening systems industry. Continuous Studies
by the fastener specialists from Forchtenberg (Germany), show that there is
huge potential for optimising the preparation costs prior to the actual
metal fastening process. It is precisely at this point in a manufacturing
process that Taptite 2000 fasteners for metal demonstrates the full extent
of its engineering design advantages from both a technical and economic
point of view. Experience has shown that, when making threaded metal
fastening connections, savings of up to 70 per cent can be made.

Fasteners for plastic reduces costs
Remform fasteners for plastic use less material, require shorter assembly
times and provide enhanced fastening lock.

In the automotive industry plastic is increasingly becoming the material of
the future. The moulding capacity, the weight and recyclability of the
material are all positive points in its favour. Direct fastening through
screws like the Remform fasteners for plastic from Arnold Umformtechnik in
Germany ensure that these advantages also have an impact on overall costs.

As opposed to other plastic fastening technologies, Remform direct screw
fasteners for plastic require neither nuts nor inserts to fasten components
together. Remform screws form their own threads inside the core, which is
pre-drilled into the plastic component concerned. This automatically
eliminates the costly processes involved in preparing the screw location. At
the same time the fast screw-in speed cuts production time - thus increasing
the potential of direct plastic fastening even further.

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