The Convertec Battery Charger
For any application up to 2kW we have the proper battery charger for you.
Convertec battery chargers are designed to charge batteries in cycle charge
and discharge mode or in for USV applications where the batteries have to be
kept at full charge over a long period of time without discharge. For serial
connections of batteries we have modules for symmetrical charging of all
A Convertec battery charger operates optional in constant current mode,
constant voltage mode or in pulse charging mode. In any case the end of
charge voltage is not exceeded.
You can select your battery charger for various input voltages between 5 and
1000 V. The supply voltage can be AC or DC.

We develop, design and manufacture battery charger, DC converters and other
components for a variety of industrial applications. As an international
operating company, Convertec produces high-quality products in Europe and
the Far East. Our products are then supplied to the customers at
competitive, world-market prices.

Power Supply Systems
Convertec designs and manufactures a power supply for any general and
specific application. We deliver
state of the art technology , excellent quality , perfect fit into your
application ,at short notice and best price ,in any mechanical design

Convertec has the necessary experience in developing and manufacturing of
power supply systems. In shortest time we adapt a power supply to the
mechanical and electrical requirements of your application. We can rely on
an extensive range of pre-constructed circuit modules and already existing
custom-designed solutions in the area of power supply.

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