Air humidification
DRAABE has gathered expertise in air humidification for over 50 years,
making us one of the world's leading manufacturers of air humidification
systems today. DRAABE air humidification systems are now in use everywhere -
in industry and commerce, in museums and open-plan offices throughout Europe
and the rest of the world. DRAABE air humidification provide 100% hygiene,
trouble-free operation, unlimited warranty and a guaranteed state-of-the-art

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Atomiser an nozzle humidification: DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH Germany
DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH is a renowned supplier of humidification
systems. With over 50 agencies world-wide, DRAABE is the market leader in
this sector. DRAABE is one of the precursors of high pressure
humidification: With the high pressure humidification, the water is atomised
into microfine particles by a pulsating hydraulic flow and a special
atomiser (nozzle). The process operates in an energy-saving manner, makes no
noise and is absolutely drip-free. Humidity is controlled by a precision
hygrostat. The atomiser is activated as soon as humidity drops below the set
specified value. As with all DRAABE atomiser, the humidification places
maximum importance on maintenance-free operation and a high standard of
hygiene. In qualitative terms, suppliers of the different systems for high pressure-operated nozzle humidification differ essentially in nozzle size, humidity distribution, flexibility and services: nozzle humidification with very fine nozzles (80-100 m) excludes the risk of drip formation and condensation, particularly with low ceilings. Maximum and rapid distribution of humidity in the room is achieved by nozzle humidification with an additional fan integrated in the atomizer.

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DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH
D-22525 Hamburg

Compressed air humidification
Compressed air humidification, in which the water is atomised using
compressed air, is widely used. DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH (Germany) is
one of the widespread suppliers of this technology. With well over 10,000
DRAABE compressed air humidification systems in use throughout the world,
reliable, sophisticated technology is guaranteed. Its straightforward
installation and the ease with which it can be expanded make the DRAABE
compressed air humidification system extremely flexible and convenient to
use. For applications requiring the utmost hygiene, the units can be fitted
with the DRAABE BioSafe sterilization system as an option.

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