High resolution Cameras

The KAPPA high resolution cameras contain 1/2", 1/3" and 2/3" color and B/W
interline transfer CCDs. The sensitive Sony sensors and the Kodak sensors
with high clock speed and square pixel matrix are available. The high
resolution cameras use highly linear low noise signal processing. The
interfaces RS 422, Fire Wire, Camera Link and LVDS are available. The KAPPA
high resolution cameras provide a high frames per second (fps) rate and
megapixel resolution (e.g. 1004x1004 pixel, 1384x1032 pixel). KAPPA high
resolution cameras offer various advantages for measurement technology like
16 Bit raw data and parameterized signal processing.

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CCD Cameras

KAPPA develops and produces CCD cameras. KAPPA provides CCD cameras with
standard and mega pixel resolution, analog and digital interfaces like
Video, RS 422, Fire Wire, Camera Link, LVDS.. . The CCD cameras are
available as a compact version, with remote camera head for endoscopic
applications and in customer specific version. As a technology supplier
KAPPA is working invisibly for you and provides the CCD cameras as OEM board
cameras or in customer specific casing design. The KAPPA CCD camera quality
is perfect for rugged applications. Resistant to temperature, shock and
vibrations these CCD cameras are predestined for extreme challenges under
extreme environmental conditions.

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