The Kappa Medical Cameras

KAPPA Medical cameras and illumination systems are developed for endoscopic
applications in the area of minimal invasive surgery. Medical cameras are
available in customer specific casing designs. In the area of medical X-ray
diagnostics medical cameras can be adapted to all X-Ray image intensifiers.
Due to the flat board layout they can be integrated into all C-arms. KAPPA
provides medical cameras which are integrable into for OR lamps for
OR-surgical field monitoring. KAPPA provides high-quality stand alone system
solutions with integrated illumination for ENT, dentistry and gynecology.

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The Kappa Low Ligth Level Cameras

Low light level cameras are part of the extensive KAPPA camera program. The
low light level models need an exceptionally low minimum illumination of
0,00047 lux. Low light level cameras from KAPPA are equipped with an
innovative circuit arrangement which raises the sensitivity by 400 % in
combination with the exceptionally sensitive Sony Exview sensors. The result
is 0,00047 lux so that low light level cameras from KAPPA are some of the
best on the market. Low light level cameras are predestined for long-range
observation tasks, and low light applications with short exposures in the
industrial, military or scientific area.

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The KAPPA product range includes: