The Kappa X-ray Cameras

KAPPA X-ray cameras are used for medical X-ray diagnostics and in the area
of non-destructive materials testing. The X-ray cameras are equipped with
integrated image processing function, power control of the X-ray source,
fine contrast function, and gamma XR function (to compensate the
non-linearity of the X-Ray image intensifier. The KAPPA X-ray cameras are
available in analog version with video interface and in digital version with
Camera Link interface. The KAPPA X-ray cameras can be adapted to all X-Ray
image intensifiers. Due to the flat board layout they can be integrated into
all C-arms and NDT systems.

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Night vision cameras

Night vision cameras are part of the extensive KAPPA camera program. The
systems are equipped with low light level camera, integrated infrared LED
ring light and automatic iris control. The maximum surveillance dynamic
enables the night vision cameras to operate around the clock, in pitch
darkness as well as in bright sunlight.
The night vision cameras need an exceptionally low minimum illumination of
0,00047 lux. Night vision cameras from KAPPA are equipped with an innovative
circuit arrangement which raises the sensitivity by 400 % in combination
with the exceptionally sensitive Sony Exview sensors. Night vision cameras
from KAPPA are some of the most sensitive on the market. Night vision
cameras are predestined for long-range observation tasks.

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The KAPPA CCD camera quality is perfect for rugged applications. Resistant
to temperature, shock and vibrations these CCD cameras are predestined for
extreme challenges under extreme environmental conditions.