Flue gas heat recovery
Flue gas heat recovery does increase the boiler efficiency. The flow of
waste gas from old and new boiler systems contains a considerable heat
potential, which should not remain unused for economic reasons. For flue gas
heat recovery, LOOS INTERNATIONAL therefore uses devices known as
Economizers, with highly efficient convection passes. Flame-tube smoke-tube
boilers of all sizes can be easily equipped with an Economizer for flue gas
heat recovery, or retrofitted in the case of old systems.

An important characteristic for assessing the economic efficiency of a
boiler system is the loss of waste gases. This percentage value demonstrates
the quantity of energy contained in the waste gases which flies out, unused,
through the chimney. Because of the laws of physics, the temperatures of
waste gases from high-pressure steam boilers or high-pressure hot water
boilers are relatively high. There is therefore a massive loss of energy,
which can be prevented by the attachment of convection passes for flue gas
heat recovery, know as waste gas heat exchangers. With today's energy
prices, measures to recover waste gas heat usually pay for themselves in a
very short time.

The Loos steam boilers
A LOOS INTERNATIONAL steam boiler is either three-pass steam boilers or
quick steam generators. The performance range for a three-pass steam boiler
is from 250 to 55,000 kg/h and for quick steam generators from 80 to 2000
kg/h. High-pressure and low-pressure saturated steam up to 235°C and
high-pressure super-heated steam up to 310°C are produced. The various
models of steam boiler are manufactured in all pressure stages and for all
fuels and can be fitted if required with heat recovery systems to improve
efficiency for all technical heating processes.

Boiler house components based on modular technology for easy planning, quick
assembly and fully automated, safe operation of steam boiler plants complete
the range of steam boilers. Individual plant parts and components for the
steam boiler plants are correctly dimensioned, matched to each other and
assembled into a ready-to-connect module.

In 1865, Philipp Loos founded Loos Boilers in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
Having moved first to Offenbach am Main and then Gunzenhausen and
Bischofshofen, LOOS has supplied above 100,000 industrial boiler systems to
more than 140 countries since then. Sales activities abroad are supported by
subsidiaries and branches in 11 countries and representative agents over
almost the entire globe.

Today approx. 1.300 boiler systems are manufactured each year in the various
production facilities of LOOS INT'L in Germany and Austria.