Steam generators
Industrial steam generators with condensing technology are becoming more

However, in large heating systems, and particularly in connection with steam
generators in the several-megawatt power range, condensing technology has
been all too rarely used to date, even though it brings major operating
benefits if the conditions are right.

Condensing technology does not only use the tangible warmth of the heating
gas - it also makes partial use of the evaporation warmth within the water
vapour. In comparison with conventional heating boilers with normal
calorific value usage, the use of condensing technology can reduce fuel
usage and emissions by more than 10%..

Steam plants
Important characteristics of steam plants are performance per hour, working
gauge pressure in bar, temperature of the medium in °C, and the type of

LOOS INTERNATIONAL steam plants are either equipped with three-pass steam
boilers or quick steam generators. The performance range for three-pass
steam boilers is from 250 to 55,000 kg/h and for quick steam generators from
80 to 2000 kg/h. High-pressure and low-pressure saturated steam up to 235°C
and high-pressure super-heated steam up to 310°C are produced. The various
models of steam plants are manufactured in all pressure stages and for all
fuels and can be fitted if required with heat recovery systems to improve
the efficiency of the steam plants for all technical heating processes.

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