The NEOPERL® flow regulator

In general, a flow regulator is used to precisely control the flow rate of
water, thus compensating for varying line pressures. A flow regulator is
rarely visible from the outside, but can be found in any application where
water is to be saved or regulated, for instance inside faucets or kitchen
sprays, shower installations, urinals, boilers, beverage vending machines or

In combination with a NEOPERL® aerator, a flow regulator helps produce a
controlled water stream and save water and energy at the same time.
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The NEOPERL® Aerator
An aerator can be found in almost any kitchen and bathroom faucet. As the
key component, the aerator influences the overall performance of the faucet.

An aerator introduces air into the water stream, thus producing a soft and
splash-free stream. Although the air-water mix can vary with the flow rate,
a PERLATOR® HONEYCOMB® aerator for instance provides a splash-free water
stream in all pressure conditions.

Backflow protection with a check valve
A check valve permits water to merely flow in one direction and prevents
unwanted backflow of water in the opposite direction. Without a check valve
in faucets, valves or plumbing systems, polluted water could contaminate the
potable water supply.

In many countries the use of a check valve is mandatory in order to meet the
water safety regulations or other domestic codes and standards.

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