The injection molding press
The ARBURG machine range covers the series ALLROUNDER A, C, K, S, T and U,
and a clamping force range of between 125 kN and 4,000 kN. The MULTILIFT
robotic systems in various designs and other peripherals complete the
product spectrum. Every ALLROUNDER injection molding press operates with the
central SELOGICA control system, which ensures extreme ease of operation
with its graphic sequence editor, logical selective operator controls and
complete integration of robotic systems and peripherals.
Thanks to its modular structure, the ALLROUNDER injection molding press can
be individually equipped, based on requirements. In addition to standard
injection molding, special processes, such as thermoset, elastomer and
silicone processing, gas and water injection molding technology (GIT, WIT),
the Mucell process, encapsulation of inserts, multi-component injection
molding, powder injection moulding and preform production, are also covered.
With the appropriate equipment package, the ALLROUNDER injection molding
press proves its high performance in all injection molding sectors.

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Micro moulding
For the micro moulding sector, ARBURG offers the fully-hydraulic ALLROUNDER
170 U micro moulding machine which features an internal distance of 170
millimetres between tie bars and is available with clamping forces of 125
kN, 150 kN and 180 kN. Customers can choose between injection unit sizes 30
and 70. The 30 injection unit can be used for all clamping forces, 15 and 18
millimetre screw options are available.
The 70 injection unit is used with the ALLROUNDER 170 U with clamping forces
of 150 kN and 180 kN and is available with 18, 22 and 25 millimetre screws.
In particular, the 30 injection unit has been designed for the smallest
moulded part weights and an optimum dwell-time range. It is possible to
inject very small shot weights of a few hundredths of a gram. Therefore the
170 U is ideally suited to micro moulding.
The ALLROUNDER 170 U, premiered in 2003, follows as the successor to the
ALLROUNDER 170 CMD, which proved highly successful when introduced onto the
market during the late 80s, and is still in operation at many of our
customers today. Even then, this small machine already accomplished great
things in the field of micro moulding - a market which is currently booming
more than ever before.

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