Precision moulding
In the precision moulding sector there is a demand for machines which
feature a high degree of precision and reproducibility. These requirements
are needed for the production of technical parts and micro parts in
If the machines used for precision moulding are equipped with an
electro-mechanical dosage drive it is possible to achieve greater dosing
accuracy, reduced energy consumption and in some cases shorter cycle times.
The accuracy of the servo-electric drive increases the precision and
reproducibility of the injection moulding process, since precise
deactivation at the end of the dosing process ensures that the dosing volume
can be repeated with a greater degree of accuracy.
In addition to the ARBURG AES energy saving system and the
position-regulated screw, the electro-mechanical dosage drive is also
included in the equipment package of the special ALLROUNDER "advance" model,
which is ideally suited to precision moulding. The ALLROUNDER "advance"
provides operation with optimised energy consumption, high-precision dosage,
accurate dynamic injection as well as long-life and maintenance-friendly
machine components.

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Silicone processing
Owing to the specific material properties of liquid silicone rubber (LSR),
including excellent heat, cold and light resistance, good electrical
insulating properties as well as physiological harmlessness, silicone
processing is gaining increasing importance. Liquid silicone rubbers are
used for the injection moulding of elastic parts and can be dyed as
Other advantages of silicone processing are: low viscosity, permitting long
flow paths, quick vulcanisation times and therefore shorter cycle times, no
contamination of the mould, base material that is ready for processing and
few burrs in the parts produced.

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