Metal powder moulding
The fact that ALLROUNDERs can not only be used for plastic injection
moulding but also for ceramic and metal powder moulding is demonstrated by
the production of a micro cogwheel on an ALLROUNDER equipped for powder
The dimensions of the moulded part - 1.4 mm external diameter, 525 µm
internal diameter and a thickness of 0.2 mm - make this application from the
metal powder moulding sector of particular interest.
In order to clearly demonstrate the potential of the process, Kugele (a
specialist for injection moulds), the Chair and Institute of Machine Tools
and Production Science (wbk) of the University of Karlsruhe and ARBURG have
combined forces in a joint-venture project.
The required precision and reproducibility as well as cost-effective series
production can be achieved with the metal powder moulding production

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Electric moulding machine
With the ALLROUNDER A - "A" stands for ALLDRIVE - ARBURG can offer an
electric moulding machine which features modular drive technology. The main
axes of the ALLDRIVE machine - "mould opening and closing", "injection" and
"dosing" - have been equipped with electric drives as standard. The other
movements such as "ejection", "nozzle movements" and "mould functions" can
be operated either hydraulically or electrically, depending on the operating
requirements. In this way the customer can equip his electric moulding
machine individually and use it in a very flexible way.
This concept allows the advantages of both systems to be combined. The
electric moulding machine has sufficient hydraulic power at its disposal
precisely where it is needed, and the highest level of electro-mechanical
accuracy coupled with economical energy consumption wherever this is
desirable for the production task at hand.
The current ALLDRIVE series includes the three sizes
320 A, 420 A and 520 A and covers clamping forces ranging from 500 kN to
2000 kN.

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ALLROUNDERs for clean room injection moulding
ARBURG provides a number of solutions in the sector of clean room injection
moulding which are being successfully used in practice. The particular
customer requirements dictate which version is feasible. The spectrum
extends from ALLROUNDERs which stand in the clean room in their entirety,
through modular, decentralised clean rooms in which the conveyor belt is
encapsulated and the moulded parts are transported into the clean room, to
cells with clean room modules above the machine's clamping area and the
robotic system area. Over the course of the Technology Days 2005, in its
laboratory for clean room technology, ARBURG exhibited its comprehensive
expertise and many years of experience in the field of clean room injection
moulding with a system based on an ALLROUNDER 270 U. This was a standard
machine with options for "electromechanical dosing" and "position-regulated
screw" from the ARBURG range and special features for clean room injection
moulding, such as a water-cooled motor, to prevent particle distribution due
to a fan, or the two clean room modules with category 3 ionisation compliant
with DIN EN ISO 14644-1.

With their light grey colour, the Allrounders fully meet the visual
requirements for clean rooms. The issue of floor cleaning, which is an
important factor in these areas, has been taken into account by raising the
machine base by 100 millimetres.

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