For the specialised applications multi-component injection moulding, optical disc, preform and operation with vertical injection unit, ARBURG supplies special ALLROUNDER machine configurations. As this is based on standard machines, proven ALLROUNDER technology is also employed for these specialised applications.
The ARBURG machine range includes the A, C, K, S, T and U series ALLROUNDERs. This provides the opportunity to put together an individually equipped machine from the extensive options available, for example with respect to clamping force, injection unit, screw diameter or axis drives.

Friedrich Goldmann

The Goldmann Company is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for units for surface treatment and runs now in the 4th generation.
In our workshop, almost all special requirements of our customers for sandblasting can be shown and executed and the results are measured and taken down.
A various range of sandblasting units and sandblasting material of the Goldmann Company are available for testing purposes and are used – together with the technical know-how – to receive the best possible results for the customer.


UNICOR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of corrugator machines and downstream equipment for corrugated pipes and hoses.

UNICOR corrugator machines are used for the production of material-saving single, double and triple wall pipes made of plastic materials. The scope of applications ranges from cable protection, electrical installation, drainage and waste water applications to household applications, plant and aircraft construction. The advantages of the pipes produced on UNICOR corrugator machines are their durability and flexibility as well as the resultant lower production costs and the reduced costs for raw-material and energy.


PRESSTRADE, founded in 1992 became the market leader for all second hand machinery around forging within a very short time.

Presstrade offers:

PT Holding AG
Angensteinerstrasse 6
CH-4153 Reinach BL


Founded in 1953 SPIETH is a midstanding Company producing and selling self developed high accuracy machine elements for the sector of mechanical engineering.

Spieth is producer of clamping sleeves, locknuts, guide bushing and many other parts.

Friess GmbH

Since over 35 years FRIESS GmbH offers a wide range of solution for oil water separation.
In many kinds of industry a small amount of oil is mixed with water. For clean production a good oil water separation system is necessary.

FRIESS offers two different systems for oil water separation:

Oil-water separation systems by Friess GmbH are used in steel industry, automotive industry, metal working industry, food industry, refineries, chemical industry and more.

AP Miniplant

AP Miniplant is a young, growing enterprise with a team of Engineers and Technicians.
AP Miniplant is the competent partner for chemical engineering and control engineering since 1988. The company is specialized in automated small scale plants since 1996.

The main products:

Gmbh & Co.KG
Hirtenrasen 64
D-37318 Lindewerra

Phone: +49 36087 976-0
Fax        +49 36087 976-22

Wirths GmbH

The Wirths Company supplies used machines from the most different categories like presses, machine tools and sheet metal working machines .
In the store of the Wirths Company are always approximately 300 used machines
in different sizes. All machines will be connect to power, examined technically and if necessary, repaired.

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