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Our products are used all over the world - joint practices, X-Ray
specialized doctors as well as hospitals trust our heigh quality when it
comes to protection or handling.

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The x-ray film processor captivates with its extensive possibilties. It is
easy to operate, but reliable. We concentratedon easy access to decrease the
costs during process noticeable.

medical index X-ray cassettes
Medical Index x-ray cassettes offers features which distinguishes a high
quality x-ray cassette

X-ray protection
Our X-Ray Protection Garments offer uncompromising x-ray protection,
durability and is extremly comfortable to wear. Therefore we use new
materials, so we can reduce wheight but maximize the level of x-ray

Medical Index Premium X-ray Chemicals for automatic processor
Medical Index Developer and Fixer are high end brand mark products for the
conventional radiology.

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